Prix Europa voor Gevoel voor tumor

Prix Europa voor Gevoel voor tumor. De serie die op Eén te zien was, en vanaf zondag 16 december op NPO 3 wordt uitgezonden, mag zich de beste Europese televisieserie van het jaar noemen. Daar geef ik de jury helemaal gelijk in. Ik vond ‘m heel indrukwekkend.

Het is niet de eerste keer dat Eén deze prestigieuze prijs wegkaapt. Vorig jaar ging-ie nog naar Tytgat chocolat. Een serie die je als je ‘m gemist hebt nu terug kunt kijken via Netflix en Videoland.

Wat de jury van de Prix Europa over Gevoel voor tumor zegt:

“Nobody chooses what life has in store. You never know your destiny but you may have to learn to make the best out of it. Even the greatest ambitions could suddenly be unreachable and a far away dream. A dream of the future that makes room for a struggle of live and death. A young man is convinced that his moment has come to reach his dream, when he gets horrible news. Instead of helping people, he is the one who needs help and has to deal with disbelief, anger, and emptiness.

A story with painful situations and hard emotions can be told in a lighter way with funny dialogues and hilarious situations. These help to deal with the hard reality and are a way to tell drama with a good feeling. Cancer can be damned surrealistic and to see humor in it can help to get you through dark moments, and to survive your toughest enemy. The directing shows a perfect feeling for timing and the way it is photographed adds to the authentic feeling of the story told. “Sense of Tumour” is a tragedy-comedy that shows recognisably tough situations in a way that even makes you want to see more of them.”

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